4 Times In A Year To Visit Tower Of Pisa

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Work becomes an activity that waste your time to enjoy your time. You have free time to holiday. This article could help you to find best time to visit Tower of Pisa.  There are many beautiful spots in Italy to visit. When you decide to holiday, there are best times, you can visit especially tower of Pisa.

  1. On 6 June in a year

If you want to visit tower of Pisa, best time to go on 6 June in every year. Usually, in around of tower of Pisa there is a festival that showed. It called Luminara festival. It was done when the sunset comes in around Arno River. What the beautiful view you can enjoy the moment. Not only sunset, the most special is 10.000 candles burned. You can see the beautiful light of those candles from Ponte in Mezz.


In the end of festival, the big chain of fireworks burned too. So, you have to visit there when the festival happens. In case, you do not want to lose a moment for watching this festival.


  1. Last week of June


The tourists from other countries have to know in last week of June. There is big historical festival of Pisa. People always celebrate this festival. So, this is the best time to visit Tower of Pisa.


Usually, there are 20 teams will play a game at the Bridge of Pisa. The way of games is unique, the each teams will fight and try to make their enemy or another team falling down to the river. Because, we can found two cities, those are Tramontana and Mezzogiarno. Both of them is separated by Arno river. That’s why the team will be falling down at the Arno River.


  1. Do not visit tower of Pisa in Summer season

The things that you have to avoid when you prepare to visit tower of Pisa is do not go to the tower in summer season. In tower of Pisa is very hot.


  1. Particular day in a month

Actually you can go whenever you want even everyday in a month. When you choose in particular day, you should choose the best o’clock like night of afternoon. Do not choose central hours because you must to enjoy and go afternoon to see sunset there.


This article recommended you best time to visit tower of Pisa. Hopefully, it can be useful for you and answer what you want to know when you can visit tower of Pisa.

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