6 Facts About The Tower of Pisa

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Facts About The Tower of Pisa


Who people do not know about the tower of Pisa in Italy, The tower of Pisa is one the world’s wonderful spot to visit. So, you have to know everything about the tower. This article provides what you need to know. There are six facts about the tower of Pisa:

  1. Seven bells of the Tower of Pisa

Many people in the world are not aware that the tower has seven bells. Each bell represented to own noteof musical major scale. The big bell was set in 1655. The weight of first bell is 3.620 kg, the second bell is 2.462 kg, the third bell is 1.448 kg, the fourth bell is 300 kg, the fifth bell is 1.014 kg, the sixthbell is 1.000 kg and the last bell is 562 kg. All bells were made in different years.


  1. The tower of Pisa known as the leaning tower

The tower had design but in reality, the tower of Pisa got leaning because the land was not stable. Actually, the tower construction might stand up like a general bell tower. The foundation of the tower of Pisa has 3 meters deep. So, the land was not strong enough.


  1. National income

The national income of Italy is increased because the tower of Pisa as a best place to visit. Many Tourists are interested to visit there because the view of tower that wonderful to take photo with their family etc.


  1. The tower as world heritage

In 1987 the cathedral square was declared by UNESCO (United Nations of Educational) as the heritage in the world. This proven by when peopled walked to plaza, they would met a beautiful garden and it was designed for people who walked by foot. There is a history place and already declared by UNESCO.


  1. The tower of Pisa is leaned in a different direction

Firstly, the tower of Pisa leaned to the north but it leaned to the south till construction in 1272. The tower still leans to the south.  In 1990, the tower leaned at about 10 degrees. Nowadays, the tower lens about 3.99 degrees or 5 meters from vertical line initially.


  1. The aim why tower of Pisa was built

One of the facts about the tower of Pisa is the construction was held in 9 august 1173 and each building has aim why it constructed. So, the aim is as a campanile of cathedral that located in Pisa city. People in Italy called it Torre Pendente of Pisa. The tower also has functions to put a big clock there.


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