The Leaning Tower of Pisa

How Much is the Leaning Tower of Pisa Leaning?

Have you ever wondered just how much the leaning tower of Pisa actually leans? Well, let's discuss some of its physical characteristics: the tower is 55.86 meters tall on its lowest side, and 56.70 meters tall on its highest side. At the base, the width of the walls is 4.09 meters, and at the top they are 2.48 meters. The tower has an estimated weight of 14,500 tonnes, and it has 294 steps from top to bottom.

But, what you're really dying to know is the lean, right? The leaning tower of Pisa has an angle of 5.5 degrees, giving it a 4.5 meter lean from where the top used to be positioned! To put that into perspective, 4.5 meters would be the equivalent of nearly 15 feet!

The History of the Leans

The clay foundation prompted the leaning tower of Pisa to do just that- lean. However, this process was helped along by the intrusion of man-made solutions which, of course, never worked.

The lean was helped along when Alessandro Della Gherardesca interfered, causing the tower to lean over even more. His actions were further exemplified when Benito Mussolini attempted to correct the lean as well.

Throughout all of the attempts to correct the lean, nothing had ever been proved successful. In fact, every attempt made the lean even worse, causing the Italian government to simply stop trying.

But let's consider the reality of the situation: if the leaning tower of Pisa did not have its trademark lean there is no way that it would be the historic landmark that it is today. If all had gone well during construction, it would be known today as the 'tower of Pisa', and not the famous 'leaning tower of Pisa'. Any city can build a large tower, and even though these towers may be technological or architectural achievements, there is nothing that makes these towers special. The leaning tower of Pisa, however, has a unique attribute to call its own, and one that will keep it timeless.

Sometimes, even small mistakes can make the world and more beautiful and unique place for us to admire.