Public Places Around The Tower Of Pisa

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Public places are something that you need when you decide to visit tower of Pisa. It will be a consideration to choose. In this article, you would know public places around the tower of Pisa. Public places tower of Pisa is near, it includes like:

  1. Airport of Pisa

Pisa international airport or in Italian Aeroporto internazionale in Pisa is located near in tower of Pisa because it was built around there. It is the main airport. When you want to visit tower of Pisa or find hotels near with tower Of pisa. You can take a ride or taxi from the airport to the tower. You should pay 36 euro.


You also can take a railway from the Pisa Centrale and pay 1.10 euro and also will take around 15 minutes.

  1. Hotels

If you visit Tower of Pisa near the Airport, you will find hotels. There are many hotels that you choose near with the tower of Pisa. One of them like hotels in Stefano, you just walk to go the tower of Pisa. Do not worries about the service, the hotels has a offering great service and provide the breakfast. The rooms in Hotel are completed with WiFi.


You also stay in the elegant hotel. It usually set historic centre of Pisa. So, you can enjoy and know you choose the best hotel. It just takes 5 minutes to go the tower of Pisa and Free WiFi.


  1. Restaurants

In around the Tower of Pisa, you can find a little restaurant on a side street. The restaurant’s model seems like model cars in the window and it has a beautiful theme, they will be served you well and the foods you can eat like pizza, pasta and etc.


In the restaurant you can watch live music. It will be make you comfort to leave the restaurant.Thus, your holiday is awesome.


  1. Art gallery

If you feel tired and after you visit the tower of Pisa, near that place, you can go to the art gallery. There are many wonderful arts that make you interested. Those arts have unique and special from the Italian artist. This art can inspiration the other arts in the world. Art gallery that you can find is Duomo and Museo del opera del duomo in near with tower of Pisa.


Therefore, you do not worry now, this article already gives you information about the public places that you can visit and stay as long as in Tower of Pisa. Hopefully, it is important for you when you holiday at Tower of Pisa.

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