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The leaning tower of Pisa is one of the famous towers in the world. It located around city of Pisa, Italy. Many tourists want to visit there because it has a wonderful view. This well-known tower also becomes the world’s heritage. The leaning was built 800 years,



It started in 1173, the duration of time during 200 in the third stages. The tower begun leaning when the constructions finished of the third floor because the land was not stable and the material that they used also.


The wonderful fact when the built the tower of Pisa, there is 294 steps on the north side of the tower and 296 steps on the south side.

It was declared by UNESCO. At the past, the tourists were not allowed to go up the tower due to consolidation of working. Now, the tower opens again. It makes tourists more interesting. The tower is the oldest tower in cathedral. It has seven bells with own tone of musical. The top of tower is around 17 feet. So, it can be a popular destination to visit in Europe.


Around the tower of Pisa, there is a big yard, its called La Piazza Del Duomo. It has four principal building, namely Baptistey, Camposanto, Cathedral of St Ranieri, and Leaning tower. The Baptistery is a first gate. It is the biggest in Italy. The Composanto construction is a funeral place. This building was designed by Giovanny in 1278. There are many wonderful painting at the walls.


You can see two museums around The leaning tower of Pisa. Those are Opera Museum and Sinopi museum. So, you not only take a picture in around the tower of Pisa but you can know about the history them. You also visit museums too in La Piazza del Duomo.

If you decide to holiday or waste your time with your family, you can visit the tower of Pisa. The architecture of buildings makes people interested to take a picture. Walls of the building also become to background of photo. The tower also has a big garden so that you can walk around and enjoy the wonderful place around there.


The leaning tower of Pisa is not only a tower to visit because wants to take a picture or just holiday, but you can also get experiences and know about history about tower of Pisa. It is so important so that we do not forget about history and appreciate the tower that built by the architects. If you have free time, go there.

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